Saturday, May 22

: : : test

jess // 12:10 PM

Thursday, August 28

: : : First day of school-ness

School was... fun? It wasn't what I expected, but it was a good time, and I have awesome classes this year, for the most part. Academy was fun fun fun - I saw the few people left in our writing department - and we had an awesome little reunion. My academy schedule is good this year... I would post it but there are 2 classes I have to switch out of. One of them is an acting/writing class. AHAHAHA. Acting? Me? Um... no. BUT! I am taking guitar this year - yay - everyone said I look like Michelle Branch with my haircut, and I was like - wait til you see my blue Branch guitar. Bwahaha.

I saw Dawn! YAY. I was coming in, and she was leaving to get her sick-kid from school early, and I was like - "Whoa it's Dawn!" and I saw her for like 5 seconds and she said she was coming back but she didn't. Ew. But I'm in her Women's Lit class this year - ahaha YAY. She's my favoritest teacher ever. Bwahaha.

Everyone loved my style-change deal, and the new haircut. Ahaha, Patti was just like, "Wait, I had to tell you. I LOVE YOU HAIR!" Haha, that's basically how everyone was today. *feels loved*

I wrote this while I was waiting for the Academy bus:

11.25 am
...I'm waiting for the academy bus to come, and it's still early. I'm excited to go to Acad - and yeah, so I'm waiting. Nobody is outside yet. I will check my cellphone for messages... ok, no messages. So school - here's the rundown:

*Period 1: Spanish w/ Ms. S - it fun, but I feel lost. Ahaha, at least I know my teacher well, 'cos I had her freshman year... so if I need extra help it's no big deal.

*Period 2: Algebra 2 w/ Mrs. T - ahh, I love her! She's so crazy & fun. Patti sits diagonally in front of me, too. Yay!

*Period 3: Us History w/ Mr. F - he's cool - he likes Elenor Reeosevelt and he's a Bruce Springsteen fan - ahaha yay? Ooh he said we're learning lots about like feminists and women's roles. :)

*Period 4: Cafe-studyhall - haha, I sat with my boys - it was like a reunion of last year's English class. :P

*Period 5: Chem w/ Mr. K - ok, so we had a meeting in the auditorium and didn't really have class, but Jon (who I have like 3 or my 4 classes with, plus cafe-study - ahaha, he's fun) and I were being retards in the hallway, saying things like "Rachael's mom eats babies" - and some kind actually believed us - ahaha, yeahhh. We're so...mature?

And here I am. I get out at like 11.30 on most days, and 9.35 on Tuesday, because we get senior-dismissal privledges this year. YAY. So I can leave school at the above said times, and go to Academy at 1. YAY. :D

Where is everyone!? Ah, I'll sit around and wait some more. Blah. <3

11.35 am
Oh yeah! Ms S asked how my Indigo Girls' concert was! AHAHAHA! She remembered! She said her friend went and cried during one of the songs - ahaha! Yay. :) Okay, d'as all for now, yo. :) <3

Forums. :) I'm gonna get greymatter set up by this weekend. Maybe tonight...?

jess // 6:05 PM

Wednesday, August 27

: : : one more night free...

So yeah, school starts tomorrow. I would have some kind of deep reflection here, but I'm talking on the phone to Dito, after just spending like an hour at his house talking about how much we don't want to go to school. Good times?

I tried called Patti to get her locker combo, because we share lockers, but her sis said she's not home. Yeah, so she better call me, cos I need a locker. :P Tomorrow I think D and i are going into school together, so that'll be fun.

Academy orientation was fun today. I met some new people, obviously, and reunited with my few creative writers who decided to come and help. I saw lots of my teachers (ew, Dawn wasn't there! *offended* bwahaha), talked to some teachers I didn't know, because Academy is like that... and there's a cute guy. Ew, I'm gonna get all girly, so all I'll say is that I didn't know that he was in my school for like the past 2 years... but yeah - he's cute. Enough said. ;) Ooh, and my friend Brandy knows him, so she's gonna hook us up. Bwahaha.

What else. OOH I got my haircut today! My friend said it was "shexy." Bwahaha. It's very um... I dunno, Dito loved it muchly. He's like... you have good makeup and good hair this year. Yay! :)

So I guess I'll go now. *cries* School tomorrow. Academy is gonna be SO amazing... High school will be... interesting. Much love to my friends, and let's hope I survive. ;)

<3 Peace. Entertain me. ;)

jess // 7:40 PM

: : : How did I do?

Antichic Forum

In June I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish this summer. So here is my final outcome, with the things I did crossed off:

1. Go to Boston, visit Suffolk U.
2. Change guitar strings
3. Get over... stuff.
4. Learn Jason Mraz "The Remedy" on guitar
5. become a pescatarian?
6. haircut (tonight)
7. Outlets shopping spree (this weekend)
8. Buy new makeup, etc at Wal-Mart
9. Movies w/ Stephy
10. Get some fish.
11. Get locker combo from Patti (must call tonight)
12. Buy new messenger bag for school
13. Keep room clean
14. Steamvac rug
15. Stop biting nails.

I accomplished the big stuff, like getting a new bag, keeping my room clean, and visiting Boston colleges. I spent an hour trying to learn Mraz's "The Remedy," but that guy's songs are nearly impossible to play. So yeah, and the pescatarian thing didn't work because chicken is the only meat I still eat, besides fish. I went to like 3 movies with Stephy like I promised, and bought all new stuff at Wal-Mart. So my summer was a good one, I'd say. I mean, it obviously rocked with the concerts and my friends and all that jazz. Aaand I made like $250 in 4 weeks at my job. Yay. :)

Brit is hilariously fun - I talked to her online last night, and we were talking about our ghetto neighborhoods. I think I sort of have Greymatter figured out (...sort of). Sort of. Yeah...

Chloe is getting a domain - yay! She's joining the domain-world, with me'n like the rest of the world. She rocks - always had, ever since we were on the Ally-list like... 3 years ago? Aww. I should, like, start an Ally-list reunion thread on my board. :)

I don't know what I'm wearing on the first day of school tomorrow. Oh, drama. So yeah, I need to find something. Blah. I blame Seventeen magazine, for telling me 225 ways to look super cute on the first day of *back to cool.* Yeah whatever. Ahaha.

So, here I go, back to Academy. Okay so I'm only helping at orientation, but still, it's still making me go back a day early. But really, I'm excited to see my teachers, and my friends who are helping, too. YAY. <3

Wish me luck?

jess // 10:08 AM

Tuesday, August 26

: : : do you speak whale?

Antichic BBS - I have 7 members, and it's only been up a day. Bwahaha. I feel loved. Everyone come post - you don't even have to sign up to post. ;) Come on, you know you wanna...

Talking to Chloe. Chloe says, "i speak whale - hagkdljglkadnglkag." Ahaha, I heart her uberly. Good times, eh? I'm sharing my gossip with her. Also talking to Dito, as he stresses about his last night free in NYC. Stinks he has to come back, but I guess all parties have to end eventually...

ME: i'll call you tomorrow after my hair appt, eh?
DITO: i certainly will, yes darling do something dramatic but tasteful, make it autumn 2003 chic meets smart Connecticut schoolgirl.
ME: haha you're so chic now.

Good times. Ah, I miss him, and am glad that I'll see him tomorrow, after my haircut of course. I'm sort of nervous for it. Ha, I just looked at my friend's profile, and he's getting a haircut tomorrow, as started by the Haircut Countdown in his profile. :oP

So yeah, :cough:. Bwahaha. Do it. I know you want to. Come on, just one post. Just try it. Ahahaha. Peer pressure.

I am gonna go try to get greymatter to work. I really need help. I'm so confused. Oh well. It happens, right?

Helping at Academy orientation tomorrow. Then school starts thursday. :(

~* Happy Birthday Claire *~

jess // 6:16 PM

: : : Ishyness...

Eek, lots of stuff going on that's ishy. <3

Raych got a guitar! How exciting, eh? So I'm going to her house for our first lesson. I think I'm going around 11, so I have a little bit of time before I go. She got a green electric guitar, with a white pick guard. Hotness.

So yeah, not much going on really... today is my last real day of summer. Tomorrow I help with Academy orientation, and then school starts Thursday. Ew.

I'll post more later, promise.

Free sex & candy. Ahaha.

jess // 9:45 AM

Monday, August 25

: : : Still confused, and added stuff...

Still trying to figure out GreyMatter. If anyone knows how to set it up, pleeeease help me - I would love you forever.

So, I got an email last night asking me if I would set up a forum thing. Ahaha, um, ok? Endore has them, so I am using mine...

Forums Here.

Anyone can sign up ... and yeah, have fun? Ahahaha, whatever entertains you?

jess // 6:19 PM

: : : New things... and old things...

I want to move my site to greymatter, so I'm going to make a new layout, etc, and move it all. Not literally move it all, it'll still be here (durh), but greymatter is supposed to be uberly better, and it has better comments. Sooo... I'll do all that later. Right now, I am off to lunch. <3

[ed]t I made Anna a layout. YAY. :) [/edit]

jess // 11:38 AM

: : : Summer ends and we wonder where we are...

The end of the summer is depressing. So much happened, and I can't even remember it all. I changed, a lot, both in my personality, and my lifestyle, and even the way I look on the outside, I suppose. I've become so much more comfortable with myself, and who I am... even down to be beliefs and opinions, and how I present myself.

I've had to deal with independence, and having to spend time with myself. I know, that sounds stupid, because we all have to live with ourselves. But I've sort of taken on a third person perspective on my life, and how I act around other people. Everyone puts up a facade when with certain people, and I know I do sometimes... there are certain people that I am louder with, or more open with, or act weird with. It's sort of human nature to act that way. But I'm starting to stop doing that, and be more real when I'm with people.

I'm not as psycho. That sounds stupider than the last point, but I'm not as ADD as I used to be. I used to need people to praise me, tell me things that I already know about myself, but I've grown out of that. It's that "At the end of the day the only person you have to live with is yourself" logic. I know who I am, what strong points I have, what things I don't like or do like about myself... and I work with that, without always needing constant approval and attention.

Then there are the little things about me that changed, that are still sort of important. For instance, my music-interest has changed. I used to abhor rock of any kind, but now I've taken a liking to punk rock. I blame Katie for that change. :) She got me into Something Corporate, and bands of the like, because she always had punk rock CDs on in her car. It's fun music. I admit, Bowling For Soup's Punk Rock 101 isn't exactly the Indigo Girls, in terms of lyrical depth. But it's still fun! ;) Sometimes I need a break from my singer-songwriter-Lilith-Fair-ladies and have to just blast All American Rejects out my window. :P

I also, sort of, wrote my first song. Ahaha, it isn't exactly a Grammy winner, but it was a fun process, and it surprisingly came easy to me. I also tried to write a few poems, but really, this wasn't a poetic summer. And it's weird, because I had the most emotional summer, by far, but I never felt like those emotions were... artistic? They were just petty and typical and not worth remembering...

I think the highlight of my summer was meeting Lori McKenna. The entire coffee shop concert was amazing, obviously, and she's the epitome of independent folk music. She's such a sweetheart, and I loved talking to her. The Indigo Girls' concert was awesome, because they always know how to make the concerts fun. Ani DiFranco - what can I say about her? The stoned, caffeinated Ani DiFranco. That show was off the chain, of course, because she has so much energy, and embodies everything that I love about real acoustic indie music.

So, my summer is almost over, and I guess I'm ready for it to be. I changed the song, to Dar Williams' "If I Wrote You." It should have been "End Of The Summer," but a) it's too sad, and b) I already had it up. :) So with that little bit of introspective nostalgia (is it really nostalgia?), I'm leaving. I am having lunch with my grand'rents today at 12.30, and I have to shower, etc. Peace til tomorrow. Back to school thursday. :( <3

The summer ends & we wonder where we are.
There you go, my friends,
with your boxes in your car,
you both look so young,
and last night was hard, you said.
You packed up every room,
then you cried & went to bed.
But today you closed the door & said,
"We have to get a move on.
It's just that time of year
when we push ourselves ahead..."

- Dar Williams

jess // 10:13 AM

: : : Daily Double baby!

DD just for fun...

1. Which music video do you think is the most inappropriate?
Ah, I think I'd say that horrible Backstreet Boys video, where they like... pour water on themselves and have those horrid white shirts, and it's just such a nightmare gone wrong. It scared me. That, and I have something seriously against that Good Charlotte "Boys & Girls" video. Man, so many old people and teenagers doing things that shouldn't be done. Yeah, weird stuff.

2. What online games do you play?
I think Orisinal games are cute, just because the graphics are pretty. I don't really play online games... mostly just like The Sims, and Sim City 3000, and tacky stuff like that. ;)

jess // 9:30 AM